About Us

Free Referral and Placement Service

Helping families find the best choice for their loved ones in the Twin Cities since 2009
Choice Connections is a local, independently owned company. Our mission is to help seniors and their families save time and minimize the stress of finding a new home when their current living situation is no longer the best choice.

We offer a four-step process to help narrow the choices and select the “perfect home.” You’ll find that our personalized approach is much more than an internet search. Because we are actively involved in your community, we are well acquainted with the local housing options and amenities, including assisted living, independent living, residential homes and memory care. By understanding the client’s needs and preferences, we can save a lot of energy and anxiety on your part to find the best solution.

Our service is free because of our partnerships within the community. For more information please call 651-261-5379, or email eunice@choice-mn.com. We welcome the opportunity to help you and your family restore peace of mind with housing choices that are safe, comfortable and uplifting.

Celebrating Ten Years in Business

Choice Connections Twin Cities MN Celebrating Ten Years in BusinessRecently a number of Twin Cities partners and clients joined with us to celebrate 10 years of serving the Twin Cities area.   Choice Connections is honored to have connections with so many that make our jobs fulfilling.   Our model is becoming more known and we are helping more and more people by bringing unbiased education and support and time saving navigation to families when they are looking for senior living options for a loved one.

We look forward to being here to serve the Twin Cities placement needs well into the future.

Please see more photos from our event by going here to photos on our Facebook page.